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Mechanical Oil / Air Pressure Gauges

we Offer mechanical Oil/air Pressure Gauges Embody a Phosphor Bronze 'c' Bourdon as Pressure Sensitive Device and a Precision Sector and Pinion Transmission Mechanism. with the Pressure Application (be of Any Fluid / Air), the Bourdon Tube Tries to Stretch Out, Resulting in the Movement of the Geared Sector and the Pinion, Thereby Causing the Pointer to Move On the Graduated Dial Indicating the Line Pressure.

Additional Information

Product Code Mechanical Oil / Air

Technical Specifications

Type Mechanical "C" Bourdon type with rear spindle
Case Size 52 mm and 60 mm diameter. Other case sizes and profiles on request
Pressure Range 0 to 5, 0 to 6, 0 to 7, 0 to 10, 0 to 12 and 0 - 16 kg/cm2. Can be calibrated in lbs /inch2 if required
Pointer Arrangement Eccentric (90o Pointer movement), concentric (270o Pointer movement)
End Connection M10 * 1, M12 * 1.5, 1/8" BSP, 1/8" NPTF or as per requirement.
Pipe Connections 6 mm, 48 mm (3/16") in eccentric design
Reading Style 3 'O' clock, 9 'O' clock, 12 'O' clock
Bezel Finish Bright Chrome / Black painted
Dial Design & Pointer As per requirement
Illumination Normally backlit with poly- carbonate dial and rear mounted bulb holder suitable for BA 7S / BA 9S bulbs.
Mounting Panel mounting type with "U" clamp/side brackets.

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