Tayoma Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Fuel Tank Unit

we Offer Fuel Tank Unit. this is Used in Conjuction with Our Fuel Guages as a Pair. Basically It is a Variable Resistance Depending On the Float Arm Position. High Quality Super Enameled Resistancewore is Used and the Silder is of Phosphor Broze Using Silver Contact. the Float is Made from High Grade Nylon.

Technical Specifications

Type Floating Arm, sliding contact type
Flange 5 holes / 6 holes as per standards
Range Can be developed for any fuel tank of any shape / profile
Operating Voltage Tank details tube furnished
Polarity Suitable for both positive or negative grounded system
Float Gasoline resistant material
Mounting Either Top or side mounted on the tank
Gasket Either of synthetic rubber/ rubberised cork, provided with the tank unit

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