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Fuel Gauges

The Electromagnetic Fuel Indicating System is Made of Two Separate Units; the Indicating Unit I.e. Fuel Tank Unit / Float Guages Mounted On the Instrument Panel and the Sensing Unit I.e. Tank Unit Fitted On to the Fuel Tank.

Technical Specifications

Case Size 52 mm and 60 mm diameter other case sizes and profiles on special request
Rang Empty (E) to Full (F) with intermediate stages such as reserve, quarter, half and three quarter as per requirement
Operating Voltages 6, 12 or 24 volts
Dial Reading Upon 78o to 90o
Reading Style 3 'O' clock, 9 'O'clock, 12 'O' clock
Bezel Finish Bright Chrome / Black painted
Dial Design & Pointer As per requirement
Illumination Normally backlit with poly- carbonate dial and rear mounted bulb holder suitable for BA 7S / BA 9S bulbs.
Mounting Panel mounting type with "U" clamp/side brackets
Optional Reserve indicator on dial

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