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Automotive Ammeters

we Offer automotive Ammeters are Moving Magnet Type with a Centre Zero. the Freely Suspended Bipolar Magnet is Held in Position By Two Poles, Equidistantly Placed. Ammeter Indicates Charging/ Discharging Condition of the Battery and that of the Electrical System.

Technical Specifications

Case Size 41mm, 52mm & 60mm diameter in round shape. Other case sizes and profiles on request
Range (in Amps) -8 0 +8
-30 0 +30
-50 0 +50
These are standard ranges, Other ranges on request
Operating Voltage 6, 12 and 24 volts D.C.
Polarity Positive earth, negative earth
Dial Reading Span 78o to 90o
Reading Style 3 'O' clock, 9 'O' clock, 12 'O' clock
Bezel Finish Bright Chrome / Black painted
Dial design & Pointer As per requirement
Illumination Normally backlit with poly- carbonate dial and rear mounted bulb holder , suitable for BA 7S / BA 9S bulbs
Mounting Panel mounting type with " U" clamp/side brackets

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